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Hi. I’m Alex Koolaev, writer, translator, game designer and blogger. On this blog, I share my creative work, ideas and helpful writing advice to help writers produce better books.

I was born in a small town that is so unknown that it could have been on the moon. I wish I could say I was born a writer, by default, and by my first day’s night made up a few poems, in 6 months wrote a play and when I finally turned 1 year and 3 months old I produced a popular fantasy series.

Well, just almost so. I started writing when I was 9, but a writer I became only when I turned 27, when I realized that only the ability is not enough and you should study a lot and work even harder. Which I immediately got to after I had thrown out the window my Nintendo 3DS and a tablet with comics (speaking figuratively, of course).

Currently, I’m working on that same fantasy series which, for some reason, I didn’t hit on when I was 1 year and 3 months old. The first book is about how to save a princess, for those who never had a chance to do it. It features a cat who can talk and travel between worlds, a gardener who unwillingly destroys the whole manor and makes off from his former master, and a princess who lives in a dreadful castle on the hill surrounded by mysteries and phantoms.

Now that we have gotten to know each other, you have three paths before you:

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