Groozyland texture

On this page, you can read almost all the fragments and full chapters I’ve written in November 2015. As I said, the book isn’t ready yet, I’ve got about 15,000 words only and plenty of blank spaces on my canvas.

Do share your thoughts about the book in comments or drop me a line via email.

Happy traveling in my worlds!

Chapter 1. The Dull Beginning

Chapter 2. Through the Rabbit Manhole

Chapter 3. Thea in Her House

Chapter 4. Welcome to the Real World

Fragment 1. Thea Flies with Her House to Another World

Chapter 6. Escape from Shogguluth

Fragment 2. Ellis and Leo Meet the Sheriff

Fragment 3. Ellis Tries to Escape the Pink Rabbit

Fragment 4. Itchywise and Thea Come to Twin Pines

Fragment 5. Ellis Meets the Friendly Family

Fragment 6. Ellis Meets the Chestfire Cat

To be continued… (Can’t really tell when.)